Stabilizer software package enables integration of various traffic enforcement systems with central software of the Department of Motor Vehicles and other ad-hoc software systems (third-party systems). The software is designed to receive data from third-party traffic enforcement systems, convert the received data in real-time mode into formats of user systems, ensure safe data transmission, provide tools to estimate performance of such systems.


  • Display of analytics dana on system performance
  • Automatic control and performance recovery
  • Viewing, editing and printing out the tickets
  • Generation and editing of search lists and browsing vehicles in these lists
  • Dynamic control of the local data storage
  • The software can be installed on various OS (cross-platform)
  • Possible configuring for operation with various types of traffic enforcement systems
  • Possible configuring for operation with various third-party systems
  • Configuring of analytics reports


Flexible configuration of system load balance, making local storage possible and transfer of data to third-party systems on demand

Transmission of data from various systems and data conversion into various formats, forwarding data to third-party systems based on preset routes and received information

Collection, display and generation of reports by means of the proprietary analytical web interface