Service TOI is a software product designed to control LED displays and variable message signs. LED displays and VMS can be fixed or mobile, placed near some venues.


Service TOI is designed to perform the following tasks:

Centralized control of LED displays and VMS

Preparation and uploading of contents to LED displays

Display of the equipment chart

Preliminary diagnostics of peripheral equipment and communication channels

Access level configuration for various users


  • Centralized control of all information equipment deployed at the venue
  • The system can be included into preset venues and operation modes, i.e. «Luzhniki stadium» – «Occupancy» or «Frunzenskaya metro station is closed», etc. The number of venues and operation modes is not limited
  • Certain devices can be included into a special operation mode, which is different from the general system operation mode
  • Textual information not intended before can be displayed by means of the editor included in the system web interface
  • Secure access through web interface inside the closed network, can be also operated by means of mobile devices – tablet or smartphone
  • Switching between the operation modes and new data upload if communication is poor
  • The inbuilt map that displays allocation and the operation mode of each device
  • Control and collection of diagnostics data on equipment performance, brightness can be configured remotely, control of trailer batteries, diagnostics
  • Configuring of system access levels for various users: administrator, engineer, operator, user, etc.