Strelka-360S is a multifunctional traffic and parking enforcement system.

Measurement accuracy

High accuracy measurement of coordinates of the detected objects (road signs, vehicles, etc.)

Taxi control

Control of taxi operation and usage of identification marks

Restricted areas

Vehicle detection with entrance permit check


Remote system control (movement control, route change, diagnostics)


Easy to install and configure

Control zone

360° view

Strelka 360S is fully automated and autonomous, which excludes human-related aspect.

Strelka 360S units can be integrated into a cellular network.

The system can interact with most complex databases.




Parking enforcement

Bus lane

Detection of vehicles in the dedicated lane (tram tracks, sidewalks, road shoulders, etc.)|

Road signs

Road sign monitoring and control (lop-sided, deformed signs or no sign)


Detection of a violation with the road sign check (stopping forbidden, paid parking, etc.)

Pedestrian crossing

Detection of a failure to yield to pedestrians


Special police functions (stolen vehicle, vehicle on the wanted list, etc.)

The PTZ camera of Strelka 360S provides control and detection of all vehicles in 360°, the multiple optical zoom allows for recognition of all LP in the control zone.

The system continuously tracks vehicles providing maximum control zone and controlling each vehicle from the moment of parking, which excludes possible concealing the LP.


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Detection of violations according to the No Parking sign. If there is an additional Impoundment sign, the relevant data is sent to the control center

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Detection of non-paid parking and parking in a disabled bay

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Violation detection with the relevant sign check. Special police functions

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Detection of double-parking, parking on sidewalks, tram tracks

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Detection of violations according to PT stop sign

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Control of movement, stops and parking in a transport hub area


The system simultaneously detects all violations of each vehicle, generates data packages for each vehicle depending on the violation, and sends them to the relevant database. If the vehicle is on the wanted list, the data is immediately transmitted to the quick response database.

Traffic management in transportation hub areas. Control of illegal commercial vehicles in transportation hub areas. Vehicles are detected at the moment of parking which prevents from concealing the license plate. Control zone is over 150 m at 360ºangle.


Strelka complies with all existing technical requirements


View angle, °



UTC(SU) time synchronizations


Position measurement error rate, m



Measuring distance to objects, m



IP rating



Control zone, m



Limits of the allowed error of the internal timer in comparison with UTC(SU), s ±2
Length of the control zone, m 0 ... 150
Limits of the allowed error of distance measurement ±1
Continuous operation time per day, h 24
Dimensions, mm
Camera module 1
- height 390
- width 349
- length 261
Camera module 2
- height 360
- diameter 227
Camera module 3
- height 360
- diameter 227
Weight, kg
Camera module 1 13
Camera module 2 6
Camera module 3 6
IP rating IP65
Operating temperature range, °С -40 to +50
Power supply voltage, V 198 to 242
Mains frequency, Hz 49 to 51