Strelka-360S is a multifunctional traffic and parking enforcement system that can be fitted in any city vehicle.

Measurement accuracy

High accuracy measurement of coordinates of the detected objects (road signs, vehicles, etc.)


Remote system control (movement control, route change, diagnostics) without any driver’s activity

Patrol zones

Complete mapping with unlimited patrol zone

Taxi control

Control of taxi operation and usage of identification marks

Control zone

Up to 20 cameras can be integrated into one vehicle (360° view)


Detection of a violation with the road sign check (stopping forbidden, paid parking, etc.)


Easy to install and configure, no training for drivers is required

Restricted areas

Vehicle detection with entrance permit check

When traffic violations are detected, road conditions, vehicle’s coordinates, movements and database check are considered.

If a vehicle on the wanted list is detected, the data is transmitted to the quick response datatbase.

Patrol car

Can be installed in any patrol vehicle. The basic configuration implies 2 cameras.

Mobile transport

Can be installed in a two- or three-wheel vehicle (installation on two or three-wheeled vehicles (scooter, electric scooter, etc.). The basic configuration implies 2 cameras.

Public transport

Can be installed in any PT vehicle (bus, tram, trolley). The basic configuration implies 2 cameras.

View angle

Up to 20 cameras can be integrated into one vehicle to provide 360° view angle


The system automatically detects all violation of each individual vehicle, generating data packages by violation type and sends them to the relevant databases. When a violation is detected a location of the vehicle in relation to road marking is considered, and a relevant road sing is checked (no stopping, paid parking, etc.), as well as exact coordinates of the detected objects (road signs, control zones, vehicles) and time.

Parking violation

Detection of non-paid or wrong parking. Distribution of violations by type and transfer to the relevant data bases

Pedestrian crossing

Detection of red light running. Failure to yield to a pedestrian. Checking the vehicle in wanted databases

Maneuver detection

Detection of road marking violations (overtaking, U-turn, etc.), dangerous driving, stopping or parking in the bus lane


Detection of stopping/parking with the relevant road sign check

Road signs

Detection of damaged signs/no sign where it is supposed to be

Data package

Violations are classified by type and transmitted to the relevant database


Strelka 360 complies with all existing technical requirements





UTC(SU) time synchronizations



Position measurement error rate, m



Measuring distance to objects, m



IP rating



Control zone, m



Limits of the allowed error of the internal timer in comparison with UTC(SU), s ±2
Length of the control zone, m 0 ... 50
Limits of the allowed error of distance measurement ±1
Continuous operation time per day, h 24
Control unit
- height 400
- width 250
- length 500
Video unit
- height 80
- width 80
- length 150
Display unit
- height 20
- width 200
- length 300
Weight, kg
Control unit 14
Video unit 0,3
Display unit 0,7
IP rating IP65
Operating temperature range, °С -40 to +50
Power supply voltage, V 11 to 15
Mains frequency, Hz 49 to 51