Stroy Invest Project Corporation commits a lot to organizing Russian and international activities related to road traffic safety enhancement, transport system development and implementation of innovative technologies in road traffic management.

The participants are representatives from all levels of executive power, science and industry experts, as well as representatives of transport related community agencies – all of them have a unique chance to speak out on innovative solutions, technologies, and projects. The speakers come out with most relevant projects and events in road and transport industry and key pending tendencies in road traffic management and safety.


An important part of the corporate social activities is supporting the young fans of Dinamo volleyball team. Thanks to us over 10'000 children and teenagers have been able to visit matches of their favourite team in Russian, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Germana, Belarus, France, Luxemburg.


The non-profit partnership «Social youth education center «Stroy Invest Project Dinamo» was founded in 2004 together with Dinamo sport club. This center has developed and efficiently deployed the Program of Dinamo youth movement, aimed at popularization of sports as a way of life among teenagers, development of volleyball, assistance to teachers and supervisors at schools and orphanages. The program implies international volleyball tournaments for Dinamo Cup and «Chrystal ball» award granted to best PE teachers.



Since 2006 the Corporation has held various informational and practical seminars dedicated to issues related to traffic management and traffic inspectorate. The seminars feature representatives of Russian Traffic Inspectorate and traffic management experts from all regions and biggest cities of Russia.


In 2013-2014 the Corporation together with Russian Traffic Inspectorate started to publish columns related to road traffic safety in newspapers and magazines. The project was supported by «Russian newspaper» and «Behind the wheel». The total press run is over 15 000 000 000 by now.


Representatives of the Corporation are frequently invited as key speakers and experts during discussion of crucial industry issues within public hearings, round tables, congresses, conferences and other events, including events held by the Public council of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, international congresses.